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norbert Jacniak

Norbert Jacniak - Esenc

Drawing from a rich culinary background, from 3-Michelin star establishment and across renowned restaurants and luxury hospitality in Germany, Austria, Dubai and Spain, im on a mission to bring culinary excellence directly to you.

Our private dining commitment transform your special occasions into unforgettable moments. I provide personalized, creatively curated dining experiences marked by finesse, elegance, and an authentic passion for the culinary craft.

On the other hand, my culinary consulting services are designed to elevate your culinary ventures. Whether you’re a restaurant owner aiming to refresh your menu, a hospitality business seeking culinary innovation, or an individual with a passion for food, my expertise is at your service.

Im excited to share my passion for innovation and creativity to help others thrive in the dynamic culinary industry.

Expect an esenc. of taste, impeccable presentation, and a touch of culinary creativity that will leave your guests in awe.

my cooking approach.

focus on crafting elegant, minimalistic & refined dishes.

My commitment to source the best ingredients and applying creative techniques ensure that each bite is a exceptional in taste and presentation.

While the techniques and effort behind each creation are extensive, I strive to ensure that the diner’s experience remains effortlessly elegant, with no need for elaborate explanations.

It’s about letting the exceptional quality of the ingredients and the artistry of preparation shine through.

Private Chef Marbella
Private Chef Marbella